Great VO Artists Are Made, Not Born

The truth of the matter is that constant practice that makes the perfect voiceover talent.

Depending on the listener, the qualities of a great voiceover artist can be a little subjective. But here are a few things they all have in common:

  • enunciation
  • articulation
  • intelligent pronunciation
  • neutral accent
  • pleasant speaking voice
  • warm and resonant vocal tones
  • conversational approach

For most of us in voiceover land, these important skills don’t develop overnight; there are a few lucky folks who are naturally gifted, but most of us have to work at it.

In addition, no matter how much you practice, some voices are simply better suited to certain genres than others. Not everyone can do a killer commercial, and it takes a special touch to read complicated medical terminology and sound credible.

Even during idle periods, the artist needs to stay in practice lest his or her “instrument” get rusty.

I find the simplest way to keep my pipes in the pink is merely talking along as I listen to commercials I hear on the radio while I’m driving about town, or mirroring the inflection of a really great read I hear in an audio book.

So the next time you see some crazy lady talking to herself while driving in rush hour traffic, don’t jump to conclusions. It could just be your local voice over talent giving her voice a workout.