5 Media Training Tips that Get Results

commentI recently attended a seminar delivered by two seasoned speakers with decades of experience to share with the audience. Their delivery was lively, and the information they shared was fantastic. So why was everyone in the room falling asleep?

The speakers were presenting their expertise at a session dubbed “How to Get Publicity for Your Business.” The only problem was their speech was geared more toward a Chamber of Commerce audience, not a gathering of freelancers and solo practitioners. Hence, the glazed-over stares and lack of any audience feedback and participation. It was painful to watch, and I offered my most encouraging smiles when the speakers looked my way, which they did a lot, probably because I was the only one in the audience showing any signs of life.

That brings me to my first media training tip, which is to tailor your message to your audience. Customize your conversation to match each situation. It’s one of the very first things I share with the clients that I coach.

My second tip is to dole out your expertise using everyday language that people will understand, free of industry jargon and technical terms.

The third concept is a little trickier. Learn to deliver your information in clever and concise statements that make great quotes or sound bites. This one takes practice, and it correlates directly to tips four and five below.

Tip number four: be yourself. People prefer to listen to someone who feels genuine, not a robot who is parroting “key messages.”

Fifth, and most importantly: let your passion shine through. When you are genuinely excited about what you are sharing, people can’t help but be drawn to you and your message. Enthusiasm is contagious, and makes for great sound bites.

Follow these five tips, and not only will you be sought out as a speaker, but reporters and bloggers will be picking up the phone to contact you for your expertise.