Start Me Up!

After a long winter’s nap, That Media Chick is getting ready to start up a whole new venture in 2017 – and I can’t wait!

The reason for the excitement and hullabaloo is that I’m joining forces with Content Academy as an instructor. I am thrilled to be part of this awesome group of experts as we collectively share our knowledge with people eager to learn new skills — or refresh old ones. For my part, that means sharing my tips, tricks and years of video wisdom with people who want to improve their on-camera performance.


First, Content Academy, and then, world domination!

But seriously folks, as a former network TV news anchor, (see photographic evidence above) I am passionate about helping people improve their on-camera performance. I used to do it all the time while working at what used to be known as “The World’s Most Important Network.” I was the patron saint of college interns who wanted to put together a demo reel to apply for their first jobs out of school. It was fun, rewarding, and along the way, I developed a system to help people improve their performance and boost their on-camera confidence.

After all, it took me years of hard work and practice to get from point A to point Z in my broadcast career. I pretty much had me, myself and I as my “performance coaches” as I stumbled my way through letters B, C, D and beyond. The knowledge I gained through years of trial and error means that I can help you get from point A to point Z faster, ¬†skipping most of those other letters in the process.

So, grab your make-up, put on a happy face, and let’s get crack-a-lacking, shall we?

Stay tuned for a few helpful tips — like B, C, D and more — to help you go from video zero to video hero!