Video Interviewing 101

Lights, Camera, Interview!

Job interview via video? It’s a major trend in the hiring process!

If you’ve made it this far in the process, the last thing you want to do is look like an amateur. Since appearances are all-important in front the video screen, it may be less about how you answer the questions, and more about what you look like while answering.  Here are three quick and easy ways to make a great impression on your next interview.

1. Set the Stage. Think about what’s behind you. What’s the background that the interviewer will see? You want to eliminate any distractions that prevent the interviewer from focusing their complete attention on you.  So you may love that death metal poster on your bedroom wall, but think about the signal that sends to your prospective employer.

A blank wall with nothing on it at is a pretty safe bet.  If that’s not possible, think of yourself as being the center image in a picture frame. You can have a little something to your left and right, but keep it really simple. YOU must be the focal point of the image that the other person is looking at. Do a test run with a friend to see how your “studio” looks to the person on the other side of the camera.

2. Lighting. Lighting should compliment your appearance. Depending on your bone structure, bad lighting will accentuate under-eye circles or give you a double chin you never knew you had.  That means having lights on either side of you to avoid casting a shadow on your face. Or, if you have a sunny window, sit facing it so that the sun bathes your face in natural light. Avoid back-lighting under all circumstances! That means no sunny windows behind you.

3. Audio. Make sure you conduct your interview in a quiet location.  Get rid of the dog, put away the cat, and ask your noisy neighbors to be quiet for 30-minutes until you conclude the interview. Also, to avoid sounding like you are in an echo chamber, try to minimize the number of hard surfaces in the interview space. So, cover bare wood floors with a throw rug, put a towel on your desk top or even add a couple of pillows to either side of your device to soak up some of the sound. And finally, sit close to the monitor so that you sound loud and clear.

These three tips will elevate your appearance and give off that polished, professional image that you want to convey.